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As you creep into the dank poorly lit room you feel a rush of air and a creak as the large iron door slams shut behind you. You see in the center of the room a lone table at which there are two gentleman seated. One looks like he's in his late 30's, clean shaven, pale, very serious, dressed in a dark gray pin stripe suit, holding an umbrella, wearing a bowlers derby, and clutching a suitcase which you notice is handcuffed to his wrist. The other gentleman looks to be nearly fifty. He is adorned in black silk, ornate silver jewelry with sparkling gems. He is wearing a long black cape embroidered with strange writings along its length. He has dark eyes, chiseled features, and a small, well trimmed ghotee. The bearded man stands, walks to the your side of the table, pulls out a chair and beckons you to sit. The bearded man speaks,

"I am Drakkar and this is my associate Xaivier."

The distinguished gentleman in the suit puts the briefcase on the table, unlocks the handcuffs, slides it around to face you and looks up to the man in black silk.

"Drakkar, if you'll do the honors..."

The man in silk pulls a daggar with a reddish-black blade from his belt, passes it over the briefcase and mumbles a small incantation. The case pops open and reveals its contents. Both men look at you and say,

"I beleive THIS is what you're looking for..."

When you look back up, they are gone and in the case, there is this....



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