Star Trek: Trinity


Trinity Station is the first ever Federation, Romulan, Klingon joint project. The purpose of the station is to have a permanent foothold in the Gamma Quadrant and to promote diplomatic relations between the major participating factions in the recent Dominion War. Trinity Station (Officially designated Deep Space 18) Is actually Empok Nor, a Cardassian mining facility that has been completely re-enginered and refitted from the ground up by a trilateral team of Romulan, Federation, and Klingon scientists. Trinity serves as the command center for the new Montgomery Scott Research Facility, The Gamma One Construction facility, and the New Khittomer Colony.

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Major Figures of Trinity Station

Commodore Edmonton LaForge: Commander in Chief of Trinity Station

Captain Thomas Elkheart: Federation Representative

General Varkot of the house of Martok: Klingon Empire Representative

Doctor Meelus (Commander): Romulan Star Empire representative and Chief Medical Officer

Lt. Commander Kronog: Chief Tactical Officer

Sub-Commander Vess: Chief of Station Security


Lt. T'val: Chief of Science and Research

Lt. Kron: Chief of Engineering

Lt. Rizzell: Head of Trinity Commerce and Trade Authority

Prime Ambassador Murrell: Dominion Ambassador

Gul Ban Fette: Cardassian Ambassador

Exchange Officer Meed: Ferengi Ambassador

Shakaar Edon: Bajoran Diplomat

Uren: Bolian merchant: "Uren's Grooming Salon & Spa"


Loren: Deltan merchant: "Bliss" Holosuite & Bistro

D'Vir: Naussican Trader & cargo pilot

Captain Mulray: Captain of the USS Gladius: Steamrunner Class NCC-4226

USS Gladius: Steamrunner Class NCC-4226

Captain Mortika: Captin of the IKS Vicious: K'Vort Class Bird of Prey


Captain Teraal: Captain of the RMS Raptor: Centurion Class Warbird

RMS Raptor: Centurion Class Warbird

Captain Togaht: Captain of the IKS Bloodscar: Neg Vahr Class Cruiser


 IKS Bloodscar. Neg Vahr Class Cruiser

Captain Merith: Captain of the RSS Raven: Valdore Class Warbird

RSS Raven: Valdore Class Warbird


Captain William T. Riker: Captain of the USS Titan NCC 2787: Sovereign Class Cruiser

USS Titan NCC 2787 Sovereign Class Cruiser


Supporting Cast

Ensign Brian Callahan: Engineering


Ensign Teresa Simms: Station Operations / Command


Lt. Thrax Meerkleen: Security


Chief Warrant Officer Tyrone Walker: Station Dockmaster


Lt. Commander Krista Xariss: Station Medical


Yeoman Marset Briel: Director of Station Recreation and Activities


Ensign Oluhk Pla-Kur: Science Officer


Lt. Rudolph Makrs: Federation Diplomatic Aide/ Public Relations


Rianna Malbrook: Server at "Bliss"


li Nalas: Bajoran Mystic/ Bajoran Diplomatic Aide


Gunner L'Kor Unaahr: Gunner IKS Vicious


Korax Kanff: Klingon Marine Commander


Nehg Kethtra: Romulan Diplomatic Aide


Gore Locet: Cardassian Diplomatic Aide


Victor Johansen: "Wormhole" Barkeep / Cargo Pilot / Mercenary


The first line of defense, The last hope for peace.