Drakkar De Mennan



Drakkar De Mennan, one of the most despicable and dreaded villans ever, is a member of not only the Zhentarium, but he also sits on the Undead Archmagi Council. Drakkar began his magical studies as an apprentice to a lich named Nazule. Nazule kidnapped Drakkar after murdering his parents, and would have done away with Drakkar, but found a use for him in the upkeep of his stronghold. Nazule constantly tormented and tortured Drakkar as a child, having him perform unspeakable acts of cruelty, constantly threatening to gruesomely murder him, and teaching him to live on a diet of the flesh of sentient beings (especially humans). Drakkar grew to be a mad twisted young man under the supervision of Nazule. Drakkar eventually earned his freedom and began adventuring and practicing magic on his own. He later joined the Zhentarium and was placed under the authority of Lord Brallus Sinstorm, a former priest of Bane, who was then in service to Cyric. Drakkar (while adventuring) came accross 3 powerful artifacts. Bloodthorn, an intelligent enchanted vampiric dagger, The Ring of the Spine, and The Ring of the Ghost. Drakkar was killed in a battle with the Harpers while traveling in the Underdark. Drakkar was brought back from the dead by a powerful necromancer named Raljar Telek. Raljar happened to be the creator of the 3 magical items Drakkar had so quickly becom attached to. Drakkar was given these items in exchange for service and loyalty to Raljar. While in the service of Phianna, Cardinal of the Church of Shar, Queen of Hargoth (now a lesser power of the realm), the Zhentarium, and Raljar, he grew more evil and chaotic than ever imaginable. He worked hand in hand with the Drow (specifically House Despona), Liches, deamons, and even a Death Knight named Hir Russak. He made it his solemn vow to erradicate the Illithid race (after a nasty incident on the Ethereal Plane). Drakkar, Hir Russak, Brallus, Matron Mother Despona, and Raljar were taken by the mists of Ravenloft, where they became lords of the lands (of varying levels) Russak escaped and eventually ascended to the immortal status of a lesser power. Brallus, Despona, and drakkar managed to escape Ravenloft by slaying a Uranium Dragon and finding the Codex of the Planes, which they used to escape and bring their Ravenoft estates back to to Faerun with them..
















Drakkar's Stats:

Name: Drakkar De Mennan				Race: Human

Class | Level:Mage/Thief | 36/32		

Gender/Ht/Wt/Age: Male/6ft/200lbs/70yrs old

Hit Points/Armor Class: 195/-21

Strength   -   24
Dexterity   -  18
Constitution - 16
Intelligence - 23
Wisdom    -    21
Charisma   -   18

 Dagger/Dirk                                    Speak Regional
 Dart                                           Speak Common
 Long Sword                                     Speak Elf (Drow)
 Quarterstaff                                   Ancient History
 Short Sword                                    Disguuise
			   	       	                           Air-borne combat
			   	       	                           Rope Use
			   	       	                           Set Snares
			   	       	                           Blind Fighting
					                               Planar Lore
                                                Planar Magic
                                                Speak Lower Planar
                                                Speak Dwarven
                                        Other too numerous to mention

PP - 95%    F/R T - 95%     HS - 95%     CW - 95%
OL - 95%    MS - 95%        DN - 95%     RL - 95%

TYPICAL SPELL LIST: 14,14,7,7,7,7,7,7,7
Affect normal fires; Comprehend Languages; Detect Magic; Enlarge; Spider Climb; 
Blindness; Darkness 15'; Detect good; Locate Object; Web; Fireball X2; Lightning bolt X2; 
Melf's Minute Meteors; Polymorph other; Polymorph self; *Drakkar's Zone of Chaos;
*Drakkar's Shadow Daggers; Lower resistance; *Drakkar's magic resistance; Teleport; 
Wall of Force; Wall of Iron; Chain Lightning; Disintegrate; Globe of Invulnerability; 
Acid Storm; Prismatic Spray; Teleport without error; Gunther's Kaleidescopic strike;
Monster summoning VI X2; Meteor Swarm X2, *Drakkar's Re-injunction, 
Mordenkainen's disjunction, Timestop X3.

   MAGICAL ITEMS                                           ITEMS WORN
Bloodthorm Vampiric Dagger                             Amulet of the Planes
Dagger +3 X14                                          Bracers of Defense AC4
Dagger of throwing +2                                  Cloak of protection +3
Dart +3 X20                                            Guantlets of Ogre power
long sword +3                                          Girdle of Dwarvenkind
Short Sword +3                                         Ring of Protection +4 AC
Bag of holding 1500 lbs X2                             Robe of the Archmagi
Magic scrolls X4                                       Scarab of Protection
Potion of extra healing undead X4                     Drakkar's Staff (combined power and magi)
Censor of Controlling air elementals
Crystal ball
Oil of Slipperiness
Quarterstaff +2
Quarterstaff +3
Ring of Invisibility
Ring of Mammal Control
Ring of Undead Control
Ring of the Ghost
Ring of the Spine
Robe of eyes
Robe of scintillating colors
Rope of Entanglement
Staff of Curing
Wand of Polymorphing
Wand of Illusions
Wand of Conjuration
Wand of Necromancy

		Psionic Wild Talent: Metamorphosis 3X/Day
   	85% Magic resistance (5% robe,20%imp Familiar +60% spell )
		Can drain 112 hit points from Wraith servants and his 4th level fighter "The Gimp" 
		Can become a free will  " Phase Lich" at will (ring of the ghost)
		-18 AC and a MV rate of 30 as a Specter.

Drakkar's Spells

5th level

Drakkar's Necromantic Charm
(necromancy, enchantment/charm)
Range: 30 yards
Duration: 1 turn+1 round per level of caster
Area of Affect: 1 free willed undead or 10 hd of other undead
Components: M,S
Casting Time: 5
Saving Throw: Neg.

This spell is similar to the charm person or charm monster spells, but
unlike those it affects only undead creatures. The material component is a
skull carved from a small cube of black onyx worth at least 1000 gp.

6th level
Drakkar's Necromantic Empowerment (Reversible)
Range: 30 yards
Duration: 1 round per level of caster
Area of Affect: 1 free willed undead or 10 hd of other undead
Components: V,S,M
Casting Time: 6
Saving Throw: Special

this spell temporarily increases the form thet an undead creature takes.
The subject of the spell acts as another undead creature of a higher (or
lower for the reverse, Drakkar's Necrmantic Divestment) hit die in respect
to form, defenses, attacks, appearance, special abilities, and
vulnerabilities. The caster may raise an undead creature's status 1HD for
every four levels of the his experience.  Undead previously under the
caster's control remain under his control no matter what form the affected
creature takes.The material component of this spell is a potion of healing
undead which is consumed during the casting.

6th level
Drakkar's Visual Dweamor Theft
(Alteration, Invocation/Evocation)
Range: O
Duration: 1hour plus 1 round per level of caster
Area of Affect: Caster
Components: V,S,M
Casting time: 6
Saving throw: None

This spell allows the caster to memorize spells and imbue blank scrolls
with any spell he sees cast. the caster must make a successful spellcraft
proficiency check, and intelligence check, and a percentile roll to learn
the spell (this takes a round to perform). Spells beyond the level that
the caster can use cannot be coppied. The material componets of this spell
are the scrolls on which the stolen spell is placed.

9th level
Drakkar's Planar Eruption
Range: 100 yuards
Duration: Instantaneous
Are of Affect: fourty foot cube
Component: V,S,M
Casting time: 9
Saving Throw: 1/2

this spell cause a rip in the fabric of a specified plane or planes (no
more than 2) other than the prime material, causing an eruption of the
material and energy of that plane to spill out from all directions in a
fourty foot cube. this enourmous eruption of matter and energy causes
10d12+10pts/level of caster to any creature within the are of affect. The
type of damage caused is determined on which plane the eruption occurs
Elemental plane of earth - Force damage
Elemental plane of fire - fire damage
Negative Material Plane - Negative energy
Positive material plane - + energy
fire+water - Steam
Water + neg material - Ice

The Material component for this spell is an amulet of the planes, which is
NOT consumed in the casting.


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