Xaivier St. Croix:
Born in London in 1886 to wealthy parents, Xaivier's youth was one of refinement and luxury. After 1900 Xaivier moved to the US and used his family money to purchase land in Southern Mississippi for the purpose of rail and naval shipping. After living in Hattiesburg for two years he moved to Biloxi where he lived off the profits from his shipyards and rail investments. In 1920, already a member of the social elite and Nuevo Southern aristocracy, Xaivier sold off his shipping assets and founded Beau Magazine; a publication for dignified and refined southern gentlemen.
His noble lineage (Xaivier's ancestors founded an order of knighthood under Richard III called the order of St. Croix, after which the family changed its name from Chesterwhile to St. Croix), his knack for financial success, his refined character and upbringing, his dashing good looks, and his place in the social scene of the Gulf coast Elite, made him a prime candidate for the embrace from his sire the then Ventrue Whip of the coast, Justin Fontain, in 1923. Xaivier served his sire faithfully on the coast until 1985 when his great-great-grandsire Majorie DeLe Montier, sent him to Memphis to serve the Prince Vanessa. Xaivier's served for 2 years as the Ventrue whip when he and his peers and a massive contingent of Camarilla elders left on a crusade to take back the Sabbat held New York City. After the liberation of New York, Xaivier, and those loyal to him, were banished to Sabbat held, Trenton, NJ, as a clever plot by the inner circle to take Trenton and fortify a staging ground for their next major target, Philadelphia. After serving as prince of Trenton till 1999, Xaivier left New Jersey to return to his beloved south. At the same time, a seventh generation Sabbat Brujah Antitribu killed Vanessa and was laying siege to the camarilla forces of the city with a small but well organized war pact and quartet of paladins. Xaivier, always one to recognize and opportunity, contacted the Giovanni of Tunica and North Mississippi and persuaded them that a strong Camarilla Princedom would be better for "family business" and that if their support could be enlisted in eliminating the Sabbat (Whom had already incurred the wrath of the Giovanni) and so long as the Giovanni kept a low profile, they would be pretty much left to their own devices. Just as the Sabbat had managed to turn the tide of the conflict, by eliminating most of the city's former Primogen, Xaivier and Julius Giovanni, assisted by the Pontifice of the South, Venrhazha, laid a trap for the Sabbat and in the ensuing ambush managed to wipe out ALL of the war pact, the paladins, and Xaivier himself took the heart's blood of the Archbishop as his prize. Victorious, Xaivier declared his princedom and began fortifying the Bluff City and rebuilding its splendor. In order to ensure his permanence in Memphis, Xaivier began placing loyal allies and those under his influence in strategic places throughout the region. After learning of the plans to build a bridge at the port of Rosedale and the subsequent disappearance of the "prince" of Cleveland, a strategically important location because of its expanding trade and transportation capabilities, as well as its local political importance and proximity to the river, Xaivier has decided to take a sabbatical from Memphis, leaving his domain in the capable care of his childe, his Seneschal, and his chantry leader and travel to Cleveland to ensure that it is firmly in Camarilla control and organized in such a fashion as to provide a strong resource pool for both himself and the well being of kindred society within the region.

Xaivier's Lineage:

Xaivier, Childe of Justin Fontain, Childe of Grevin, Childe of Miles, Childe of Majorie, Childe of Minus, Childe of Ventrue, Childe of the second, Childe of Caine.

Xaivier's Childer:

Jacqueline Lacroix: 9th Gen. Ventrue Antitribu
P S M Presence 2, Vicissitude 2, Dominate 1, Auspex 1
8 8 5 Prey exclusion - Athletic attractive men.

Melissa Vanderbuilt: 9th Gen. Ventrue Primogen of Memphis.
P S M Presence 3, Dominate 3, Fortitude 2, Auspex 2, Protean 2, Obfuscate 1, Potence 1
7 11 10 Resources 4, Retainers 5, herd 3, Influence 3, Allies 4
Leadership 3, Intimidation 3, subterfuge 3, finances 5, investigation 5, brawl 2, dodge 3, firearms 4, melee 2

Xaivier's Ghouls:

William Blythe "Willie"- Driver/Bodyguard Natalie Brown - Meat and Potatoes Ex-Navy Seal -Potence 3, Dominate 1 Fortitude 1

Celerity 1

"Sad Clown" - Spy/Assistant - Friendly and attractive Goth Girl - Potence 2, Presence 2, Fortitude 1 Obfuscate 1 Auspex 1