Nature/Demeanor: Survivor/Autocrat
Clan: Ventrue
Generation: Seventh
Concept: Robber Baron
Haven: St. Germain L'Auxerrois

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 4

Charisma: 3
Appearance: 3

Perception: 2
Intelligence: 2
Wits: 2

Talents- 13
Alertness: 1
Brawl: 3
Dodge: 2
Leadership: 2
Subterfuge: 3

Skills- 5
Animal Ken:
Archery: 1
Etiquette: 1
Melee: 2
Ride: 1
Survival: 1

Knowledges- 9
Academics: 3
Hearth Wisdom: 1
Investigation: 1
Law: 1
Linguistics: 1 (English)
Theology: 2

Dominate 1
Fortitude 2
Presence 1

Generation 5
Influence: 3
Resources: 3
Retainers: 3
Herd: 1

Conscience/ Conviction: 2
Self-Control/ Instinct: 3
Courage: 5

Other Traits:

Kings 5

Willpower: 6

Valere De Montfort is a man of unremarkable aesthetics. He is generally well groomed and clean shaven. Valere commonly dresses either as a noble or as a friar when it is best to be discreet about one's wealth. Valere has black penetrating eyes with slightly elongated facial features, smooth alabaster skin that smacks of a privileged life of relative luxury. Montfort has black hair that he keeps trimmed in a "pageboy" style. Montfort is fond of wearing his family emblems and lots of jewelry when circumstances permit and even when traveling in meager clothing retains his silver and ruby rosary as well as a razor sharp stiletto with a gold handle and inscribed marble pommel.
Valere is a distant relative of Simon De Montfort who became famous for his relentless persecution of the Cathars (and anyone else he could loot from). Valere made his fortune profiting from the spoils of his cousin's slaughters and raises until his embrace by Victoria of Clairvaux, because of his name, his loyalty to the Pope, and his knack both with a sword and his success as a robber baron. Victoria was desperate for childer that could protect her position in the growing nights and so plucked a ripe fruit from one of the more reachable branches of the aristocracy.
Victoria's plans were folly however once word of her own expansive fortune came to Valere, who, through the use of well paid "Mercenaries of God" (though little more than cutthroats) saw to it that his beloved mistress saw once more and for the last time the sun rising over her manor's gates. With Victoria gone it was simple to acquire her lands and riches as spoils of war and kept them from the mobs by inviting his new thrall, Bishop Laroix, to declare Montfort's personal abbey as the bishopric and brought his new pet home to roost in his manse. Montfort now profits from his lands as well as from his "pardoners" whom he pays to sell artifacts to pilgrims and crusaders alike. Valere's position as a Ventrue in Paris is a delicate balancing act; on one side there is loyalty to the church, the crown and he elders of his clan, and on the other there is his ravenous lust for power and money. Valere believe his new state of being is a gift from God for defense of the holy mother church and though he has little, if any, morals himself, he is a firm believer in the sovereignty of the church and is convinced that though his money comes from exploitation and deception he can simply BUY his way into heaven.