Key Largo By Night

Current Prince – Elisse Richards – 9th Generation Ventrue

Malkavian Primogen and Seneschal – Sir Duke – 8th Generation Malkavian

Sheriff – Sabra Astera – 8th Generation Brujah

 Tremere Primogen and Keeper of Elysium -Ariana Casta – 10th Gen Tremere

Chief Harpy – Alexia Cruger – 8th Generation Toreador

Harpy – Danielle Mlannis – 9th Generation Lasombre Anti-Tribune

Harpy – Nathan Windt – 10th Generation Toreador

Gangrel Primogen – Camilla – 8th Generation Gangrel

Brujah Primogen - Thrax – 8th Generation Brujah

Other Kindred Officers:

Scourge Leader & Archon of Lucian, Malkavian Justicar - Hooameye / AKA Brash Smiles

Ventrue Primogen - Nicholas Toretti

Toreador Primogen – Johnny Rivers

 Nosferatu Primogen – Ian Nottingham

Patrick Havershand - 9th Gen Malkavian

Jeremiah St. Clair – 10th Generation Ventrue

Gregory Milhouse – 12th Generation Tremere

Blaze – 10th Generation Malkavian

Leilana Dall – 10th Generation Caitiff

Carlotta Noble – 10th Generation Ravnos

Mariah Aurora – 11th Generation Daughter of Cacophony

Mikal Grenewich – 9th Generation Nosferatu


Former Prince – Patricia Dash – 8th Gen Tremere

Deceased – Killed by the Assamite “Spectre Nocturne”

Former Senechal – John Hassler – 8th Generation Tremere

Deceased – Eliminated for Close Ties with Prince by Hooameye

Former Sheriff – Dyami – 8th Generation Gangrel

Deceased – Killed by “Hooameye”

Former Keeper of Elysium – Desiree Hagstrom – 9th Generation Daughter of Cacophony

Killed in battle of Key Largo, discovered to be Sabbat Mole

Former Tremere Whip – Joseph Dash – 8th Generation

Killed by Sabbat, Tsimisce mole (unknown) put in his place.  Mole disappeared after battle of KeyLargo.


Former Ventrue Primogen – Noelle Soto – 8th Generation Ventrue

Disappeared after Battle of Key Largo.  Anti-Tribune Mole for Sabbat

Former Toreador Whip – Christopher Marcell – 8th Generation Toreador

Deceased – Discovered to be Anti-Tribune mole for Sabbat

Xaviera Thana “Spectre Nocturne” – 7th Generation Assamite

Disappeared after battle of Key Largo