(The Majesty of Mirth, The Enlightened Bon Vivant, Lord of Cheer, Gloom’s-bane)

Lesser Power of Arborea and Ysgard, CG

Portfolio: Good Cheer, Magical Healing, Enlightenment, Inspiration,

Divine Intervention, Intervention on Behalf of Others.

Aliases: Vaardin Thurguaa (Odinliekkenn)

Domain Name: Olympus/The Hall of Merriment and Ysgard/The Holy Mace

Superior: St. Cuthbert of the Cudgel

Allies: St, Cuthbert, Sune, Selune, Sharess, Lliira, Odin, Tymora,


Foes: Shar, Cyric, Bane, Lovitar, Fianna, Hir Russak.

Symbol: A silver chalice emblazoned with a mace resting on open book and surrounded by a wreath of


Wor Align.: Any Good, LN, CN

When Warden (WAR-din) or Vaardin (VAHR-deen) travels to the realms he appears as a tall corpulent man of middle age with short dark brown hair, a well trimmed reddish brown goatee white eyes and a silvery luminescent face wearing shimmeri ng rainbow hued plate armor. When depicted in artwork he is usually surrounded by feasting companions in warm well furnished surroundings or with a book in one hand and the other outstretched as if in a greeting or even perhaps with two flaming silvery ma ces crouched for battle in defense of good but always with a glint in his eye, a smile on his face and a sharp wit dancing on his tongue. Warden is worshipped by those who practice magical healing, seek enlightenment, divine intervention on behalf of good , inspiration, and all those who enjoy, emote, embody, and employ good cheer.

Warden is the servant of St. Cuthbert, and acts as his encourager, his champion, his healer and his dispenser of goodwill and righteousness.

Warden’s eternal foe is Shar and her minions namely Fianna as well as Cyric, Bane, and Hir Russak as well as all cursed and or undead.

Warden’s is a new faith, but a quickly growing one, for after all who doesn’t want inspiration, enlightenment, and good cheer?


Warden’s Avatar

(25th level Cleric; 10th Level Bard; 5th level fighter; 5th level Wizard)

Warden’s avatar appears in the form of a 13ft tall man with dark brown hair, solid white eyes, a cheery face, and a deep bold hearty voice. Warden’s avatar commonly wears full plate armor that shimmers with a rainbow of colors and wields two maces, "Gl oomchaser" and "Quicksilver".

AC -26; MV 15; HP 216; THAC0 -8; #AT 3/1

Dmg 1d6+18 and/or 1d6+20 (Mace of Disruption +5 "Gloomchaser" and/or Holy Mace +7 "Quicksilver" + 11 Str. +2 spec. bonus in either/both weapon(s)

MR 75%; SZ L (13 feet)

Str 23; Dex 19; Con 21; Int 22; Wis 25+; Cha 24

Spells P: 9/9/9/9/9/8/4 W: 4/4/3/2/2

Saves PPDM 3; RSW 3; PP 3; BW 3; SP 3

Special Att/Def: Warden radiates an aura of good cheer that acts as in several different ways either simultaneously or individually. It acts as a charm person/mammal/plant/monster spell, which has a -10 penalty to a saving throw. It acts as a ro be of scintillating colors, causing all within 50 ft to become mesmerized until out of the are of affect. It acts as a "Dispel Evil" spell to all within 15 feet radius and an "Aid" spell to all friendly entities within a 5-foot radius.

Warden’s maces both act as maces of Disruption. Quicksilver in addition to the previous causes the opponent struck to be subject to a "Dispel Evil", "Holy Word",

Warden has the following abilities always active.

Detect Evil, Detect Magic, Detect Lie, Protection from Evil 10 ft radius, Remove Fear, Know Alignment, Remove Curse, Heal, True Seeing.

Warden may use any the reverse of any magical healing spell as an attack doing double normal damage without touching the opponent (also heals double damage in the same manner)

Warden is immune to illusions via intelligence and true seeing (always active)

Warden is also immune to the following:

Cause fear, charm person, command, friends, hypnotism, forget, hold person, ray of enfeeblement, scare, fear, charm monster, confusion, emotion, fumble, suggestion, chaos, feeblemind, hold monster, magic jar, quest, geas, mass suggestion, rod of rulership, antipathy/sympathy, death spell, mass charm.

Warden tends to use many of his defensive spells prior to combat to make him all but invulnerable before having to enter melee. Warden is a no nonsense fighter who sometimes lacks patience and tries to destroy his opponent as quickly as possible.

Other Manifestations

Warden often manifests himself as bellowing laughter in a deep hearty male voice. In some cases he manifests himself as a flaming mace wrapped in holly branches that smells of sweet honey-butter and is accompanied by the sound of Cuthbertine chanting. This manifestation acts in the following manner to beings friendly to warden and his followers:

anti-vermin barrier, atonement, bless, purify food and drink, animal friendship, repel insects, remove fear, cloak of bravery, comprehend languages, neutralize poison, heal, invisibility to undead, aid, remove curse, cure disease, cure blindness, negat ive plane protection, regenerate, restoration, resist fire/cold, protection from evil 10 ft. radius, remove paralysis, sanctuary, protection from lightning, dispel evil, and zone of sweet air, all simultaneously in a 15 foot radius.

To unfriendly beings it does the following:

blight, cause fear, harm, bestow curse, cause disease, cause blindness, wither, energy drain, cause paralysis, holy word.


The Church

Clergy: Clerics, specialty priests, crusaders, mystics, wizards, and bards

Clergy Align.: CG, NG, CN,

Turn Undead: C: Yes, SP: Yes, Cr: Yes, Mys: No, W: No, B:No

Cmnd. Undead: C: No, SP: Yes, Cr: No, Mys: No, W: No, B: No

All Clerics, specialty priests, crusaders, mystics, and wizards have religion, read/writing, and healing as bonus nonweapon proficiencies. All but wizards also receive mace as a bonus weapon proficiency. Warden’s religion is not restricted by race, cla ss, or sex, only by alignment. Warden is worshiped in all castes of society from the simple serf who finds joy in his simple existence to the most powerful of emperors who seek enlightenment and divine intervention on behalf of his subjects. Warden’s thre e greatest temples are located in Wardenia, Beldaria; Golgatha, and Odinliekken, but small shrines have quickly appearing in large numbers throughout the realms.

Warden’s temples are generally constructed as large circular meeting halls lined on the perimeter with noble marble columns, that generally serves as the Sanctuary for most religious rituals, with a large stairway leading in and a garden patio exiting to a courtyard of fountains and greenery that is surrounded on either side by semi-circular halls that generally house hospitals and universities, and connect to another dome shaped building that usually serves as a fellowship hall or banquet area.

Warden’s clergy and followers are commonly known as Wardenians. The Clergy is mostly clerics and crusaders, while 1 in every 6 is a specialty priest and 1 in every ten is a mystic, wizard or bard. All demihuman races are accepted as followers and c lergy of Warden, but the majority of his followers are charismatic humans and dwarves. The three variety of specialty priests are know as Sentinels, Mace-masters, and Cheer-givers.

Dogma: Warden’s followers are expected to be friendly, cheerful, hospitable and always willing to lend a helping/healing hand. Wardenians are dedicated to holding back the forces of evil by seeking the enlightenment and inspiration that good fel lowship, cheer, and pursuit of happiness and well being for all can bring. The followers of Warden are healers who seek to help their companions with their bedside manner and skills of medicine. Warden blesses those who seek and bestow enlightenment, insp iration, and good cheer. Warden cares a great deal for his followers and will intervene on behalf of his faithful when possible and necessary just as he expects his worshipers to do the same for those in need.

Day-to-Day Activities: Warden’s clergy concern themselves with the spread of their faith through festivals, tournaments of artistic expression, and through the training of their worshipers and apprenticed clergy. Warden’s temples often serve as places of welcome in their respective locations and are known for their public feasts and hospitals. The elder clergy busy themselves with the upkeep of the temples and shrines, whereas the intermediate members of the clergy practice their healing arts, o r seek enlightenment and inspiration through study or adventuring. The very newest clergy and the clergy in training often go into the cities and surrounding countryside and look for opportunities to help those in need and brighten the spirits of the down -trodden. Warden’s followers are expected to tithe ten percent of their wealth and food tot he church as well as always be prepared to share with those who have need.

Holy Days/ Important Ceremonies: Warden’s faith is one filled with holidays. Once every three months the church holds a week long festival called, "The Divine Convivial Passion" the week consists of feasting, gaming, demonstration and displays o f inspired works, and basic fun for all. Once a month the church has a Day of Blessings, in which the temples are opened and all who wish to be healed, and all those who seek inspiration, intervention, and jovial company may receive it. Because of Warden’ s close association with the churches of St. Cuthbert, Sune, Selune, Sharess, Lliira, Odin, Tymora, and Lathander, the church often observes their holidays as a sign of continual friendship, admiration and appreciation. The followers of Warden’s allies ar e always given shelter, hospitality and sanctuary in Warden’s temples. Warden’s church also has a weekly feast for the faithful usually on the seventh evening of the week beginning just before sunset. These feasts are typified by much music, food, drink, and sharing of stories, jokes, and general joviality. Warden’s faith has two major holy days. The first, is the first day of the first month of the year (New Year’s day). This day is called Hollysmorn, and it is a day of prayer and reflection as well as t he day when all specialty priests receive their promotions. This day is used to reflect on the past and look ahead with joyous expectance to the future. The second holy day is Sunspeak, which was the day of Warden’s ascension. This day is a solemn, though happy, day when the followers of Warden give tribute to fallen comrades, and sacrifice for continual intervention and guidance in respect of the responsibility they hold for being a light and safe haven in a world of darkness and despair.

Major Centers of Worship: The largest concentrations of Warden’s followers are in the regions of Wardenia (and all of Beldaria), Golgatha, and Odinliekkenn. Each of these cities holds a temple identical to the other two cities. These temples are Warden’s largest and most prosperous, each one covering roughly the area of a half square mile. The head of the church resides in Wardinia the capital of the sovereign country of Beldaria. Warden’s avatar currently sits on the throne of that country (as he did near the end of his mortal existence) and is currently acting as the head officer of his church while training a successor to his office and searching for a successor worthy of his throne (usually they are one in the same). Warden also has large te mples in Waterdeep, along the sword coast, and widely scattered throughout the realms.

Affiliated Orders : The Order of The Silver Mace is an order of templar knights in the service of Warden’s Church. Members of this order receive the same benefits as those of a Paladin, but all are of Chaotic or Neutral Good alignment. In additi on to their granted abilities members of the order may specialize in any blunt weapon and may use their healing abilities three times per day, but must tithe twice the normal amount of paladins and can only advance to 15th level.

Priestly Vestments: Warden’s church is flexible in the style of garments that clergy don, but they are primarily consists of large amounts of the colors Royal Blue and Silver. All clergy wear wreathes of holly branches about their heads. Specialty priests are usually clad in extravagant blue robes (Cheer-givers), simple white tunics, togas, or robes with blue and silver cords (Sentinels), or sterling silver chain mail, plate mail, or full plate armor (Mace-Masters).

Adventuring Garb: Armor and metallic (preferably silver) armor for clerics, specialty priests, templar knights, and crusaders. All others adventure in comfortable, loose fitting gar4b of blue and silver hues.

Specialty Priests (Mace-Masters)

Requirements: Str. 15, Wis 14, Cha 13

Prime Req.: Str, Wis

Alignment: CG

Weapons: all B or b/p types

Armor: any

Major Spheres: All, healing, protection, ward, combat, defense, time, necromantic, divination

Minor Spheres: Plant, elemental, travelers, weather, any unmentioned.

Magical items: cleric/fighters

Req. Profs: Blind fighting, 2 handed combat.

Bonus Profs: Religion, read/writing, healing, herbalism.



Specialty Priests (Sentinels)

Requirements: Int 15, Wis 16

Prime Req. Wis. Int.

Alignment: NG

Weapons: Blunt only

Armor: none

Major spheres: Access to all priestly spheres as major

Minor Spheres: N/A

Magical items: Cleric/Wizard

Req. Profs.: Ancient History, Local History, Spellcraft

bonus Profs.: Surgery, anatomy, diplomacy, etiquette.



Specialty Priests (Cheer-Givers)

Requirements: Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 17

Prime Req.: Wis, Cha

Alignment: NG or CG

Weapons: Mace, war-hammer, quarter-staff, cudgel (club), sling.

Armor: any

Major Spheres: All, healing, protection, ward, plant, elemental, travelers, weather, any unmentioned, necromantic, divination, and any not mentioned.

Minor Spheres: none

Magical items: cleric/wizard

Req. Profs: Ancient History, Local History, modern languages,

Bonus Profs: Religion, read/writing, healing, herbalism, Singing, Dancing.


Wardenian Spells


1st level

Contagious joy


Range: line of sight Component: V, S, M

Duration: 2d4+1rd/level Casting Time: 1

Area of affect: 1 creature per caster level Saving : Neg.

This spell causes the caster to "Infect" the object creature with a sense of joy, merriment, well being, and camaraderie. The recipient treats the caster and all those around him with great hospitality and generosity. Attacking anything while under the affects of Contagious joy require a wisdom check and even then all attacks are made at a –4 penalty. The Material components are the priest’s Holy symbol and a holly branch.


3rd level

Create Spirits


Range: 0 Component: V, S, M

Duration: Instantaneous Casting time: 3

Area of Affect: 2d4gallons+1/level Saving throw: None

This spell produces any beverage that the caster can think of as long as it exists on the plane that the caster is on.


5th level

Warden’s disruption.


Range: 30yds. Component: V, S, M

Duration: 1d6 6nds+1/level Casting Time: 5

Are of Affect: 10 yrd sphere +1 yd/lvl. Saving Throw: Special

This spell wards an area of affect with the powers similar to a Mace of Disruption. If cast on a specific area before hand no saving throw is allotted. If cast on a specific creature, then a saving throw is made, a successful save negates the spell. If a saving throw is failed, or if cast beforehand, any creature in the area of affect takes the damage equivalent to touching a mace of disruption (5d4) and is subject to the damage and dispelling affects of being struck by a +3 mace of disruption each rou nd the creatures remain in the area of affect. Each additional round there is a cumulative 5% chance per round of being completely dispelled/destroyed by the spells affects in addition to the normal percentage chances.


6th Level

Divine Intervention:


Range: 0 Component: V,S,M

Duration:1round/level Casting time: 6

Are of affect: 1 mile/caster level Saving Throw: None

This spell allows the priest to call upon the influence of his god. If the request is in compliance to the will and wishes of the deity, then the god intercedes on behalf of his priest. This spell is not a "instant fix" or miracle of the day spell. Mis use of this spell puts the caster out of favor with his/her god and may result in punishment according to the consequences of the situation.

This spell may be used, for example to miraculously receive reinforcements for a loosing battle, but not simply to destroy the opposing army. This spell is reserved only for when the priest is facing insurmountable odds and opposition.


7th level

Holy Vengance


Range 40 yards/ +10 yards/level Components: V,S,M

Duration: 1 round/ 3 levels of caster Casting time: 7th

Area of Affect : 40 yd cube Saving throw: half

This spell pours forth on the area of affect a plauge of destructive forces suited to the recipiant of the spell (in other words, things that hurt the target). The spell causes a Hail of hundreds (100) of glowing pebbles to fall each round, each one ca using 1 point of damage to anything in the area of affect.


Everlasting Dweamor


Range: 0 Component VSM

Duration: Permanent Casting time: 12 hours

Area of Affect: 15 lbs. /caster level Saving Throw: None

This spell causes the receiving object to become permanently imbued with the affects of any priestly spell provided the spell’s duration is not instantaneous. This imbued affect can only be removed or negated by the reverse of Everlasting Dweamor, "Ete rnal Disenchantment" which lasts permanently or until the item is repaired with a Drakker’s Re-Injunction, an Everlasting Dweamor, or a wish.


Summon Avatar


Range: 0 Component: VSM

Duration:Special Casting Time: 7

Area of affect: 1 plane Saving Throw:NONE!

This spell simply summons to the plane of the caster, or imbues the caster or a creature with the Avatar of his deity. The material component is a 1 inch or larger ball of pure platinum and pure silver. The Avatar acts under his own control once there.

Warden's Artifact
Throughout the adventuring career of Warden, he encountered numerous
opponents that recieved the benifits of magical armor.
Brallus Sinstorm,
Hir Russak,
Issac Graybeard,
Audric D'Wilshar (though never as an opponent)
and others.

It is primarily because of encounters with the first three that Warden has
decided to counteract all this evil (or rather not specifically "good")
armor with a relic, forged from a supernatural blend of Mithril,
Adamantite (not radioactive drow adamantite), and the purest of Silver.
This armor's purpose is to battle the forcess of evil, aid the forces of
good, and promote the portfilio of Warden.

The armor is of the highest imaginable quality. It is ornately carved with
the depictions of the events of Warden's life. It shines with unstainable,
untarnishing brilliant reflective silver. Its form is flawless, its
increadibly lightweight (0 incumberance) and sizes itself to fit the
wearers body (anything of L size or smaller) 
The Armor's individual pieces lay in wait of adventurers to find them all
over the Realms.
Each part of the armor has certain qualities and abilities. certain
combinatoins of pieces of armor have other abilities. the complete armor
is The Armor of Magnificent Destiny! When the armor is completed, the
wearer must make a save vs. spell with a -4 penalty or instantly become
Chaotic good ( each day the complete armor is worn another sucessful save 
is required), and become TOTALLY and HELPLESSLY dedicated to the promotion
of Warden's portfolio and the counteraction of his foes. This is Warden's
answer to Russak, Sinstorm, and Graybeard.

			The Armor of Magnificent Destiny:

			The armor consists of 10 pieces.

Guantlets: +1 AC bonus. 18/80 strength, gives wearer an extra melee

Right Arm: +1 AC bonus, protection from evil twice per day.

Left Arm: +1 AC bonus, Detect evil twice per day.

Left Leg: +1 AC bonus, Detect magic twice per day.

Right Leg: +1 AC bonus, Protection from Magic (like the scroll but does
		not affect the wearers spells or items) twice per day.

Helm: +2 AC bonus, Helm of brilliance (half the gems), Comprehend
		languages once per day. detect lie once per day, +1 pt of wisdom (even 
		past 18)

Shield: +3 AC bonus, Divination once per day, Augury twice per day,
		Forbiddance twice per day, spiritual hammer 3 times per
		day, +1 to all saving throws. immunity to energy draining

Visor/Faceplate: +1 AC bonus, True seeing once per day, +4 to saves Vs
		illusions and gaze attacks. water breathing twice per day, zone of sweet
		air once per day.

Breatplate: +2 AC bonus, Dispel evil once per day, dispel magic 3 times
		per day, Warden's Disruption once per day. acts as a ring of water
		elemental control. +4 to all turn undead rolls, +1 to all saving throws,
		+1 pt of Charisma (not to exceed 18), regenerate 2 hp per
		round .

Badge of the Faith: no AC bonus. Acts as a rod of Rulership. Command three
		times per day, impeding permission three times per day, exaction once per 
		week, summon Avatar twice per year, +1 to all saving throws, cast all
		Warden spells once per day, cast any spell from the Healing sphere once
		per day, Remove curse once per day, immunity to reverse
		affects of all healing spells.

Helm+visor: Clairaudience and Clairvoyance each once per day.

Breastplate+shield+helm: Meld with stone once per day. flame blade once
		per day.

Badge+breastplate: Charm ANYTHING/ANYONE once per day.

Guantlets+both arms: may cast any touch spell (wizard or priest) once per
	day except for spells fromt he healing sphere and level draining spells.

Whole Armor: +1 or better weapon to hit, gate once per week, any 7th level
	priest spell once per week.

Side affects: 

Any undead or evil extraplanar creature touching any piece of the armor is
instantly destroyed or sent to their home plane of existance for 1 year..
Any other evil creature touching the armor will take 5d6 pts. of damage
per round in contact with the armor (save for half)

Any Paladin touching the armor must save vs spell or become Chaotic good
for a year and if a successful save is made the paladin must Atone for
touching the relic.

Any creature wearing more than three peices of the armor will gradually
drift to a chaotic good alignment.

The armor does not benifit any neutral or evil wearer in any way.

Any creature attempting to destroy the armor is instantly destroyed
(unless of demipower status or greater), and can not be ressurected,
raised, reincarnated, or animated.

So long as the armor is not worn as a complete set, the high prists of
warden may assemble the armor (via quest spell) in times of need. 

Once completed, the wearer must (within 1 year) make a pilgramage to
Wardenia and present the armor to the head of Warden's church.
The armor is sacrificed to Warden, who once again scatters the armor over
the planet for adventurers to find and use in the struggle against evil
and the spread of his faith.